• Hit Quarters is the ultimate sports training facility. Our facility features a full size turf field that features an adjustable baseball/softball infield and six retractable batting cages. Perfect for team practices or scrimmages in almost any sport.
  • Our 15ft x 70ft x 25ft indoor Batting Cages can be rented out individually or by teams wishing to use them for practices. Great for flip toss, fielding drills, live pitching and various skill drills in other sports such as field hockey, lacrosse and soccer.
  • Our in house Pro Shop has all the Mizuno Baseball/Softball gear players need. Pants, belts, cleats, gloves, bats, helmets, catcher's gear and more. We also have a selection of HEAD Tennis Racquets and accessories for tennis players at the Shrewsbury Athletic Club.

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Shrewsbury Sports Center houses the ultimate indoor sports training facility.  Hit Quarters (HQ), with it’s 30,000 square foot turf area is the home to baseball, softball, lacrosse, field hockey and many other athletes that make up the sports community in New England.  HQ has become the place to train for athletes or sports programs who are looking to continue sports training during the off-season.  The facility is equipped with batting cages, bullpen mounds, a full regulation baseball infield, plus enough open space and the ability to convert to lacrosse, football, field hockey and soccer fields.

Hit Quarters specializes in offering premium baseball development, however if you’re interested in using our fields for your team’s indoor training, please contact us today.




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