Private Baseball Instruction

Proper baseball development often involves and requires private baseball instruction.  Hit Quarters, a leader in the industry for indoor baseball develop owes much of the success to superior private instruction offered.  “HQ” offers many option for players to improve their game.

Player Evaluations (Evals)

catcher-in-red-for-webPlayer Evaluations or “Evals” are opportunities to be assessed by our top Baseball Pro. It is highly recommended that all potential “HQ” clients have an Eval done prior to signing up for any program here at Hit Quarters.  The purpose of Player Evals is to observe individual players in a one-on-one or two-on-one environment in the areas of hitting, fielding and trowing.  At the conclusion of the workout, players will be provided with written feedback which will be used to develop an individual baseball development plan for the player. The Eval will also be helpful in placing players with the proper Pro who will oversee the execution of the plan. Player Evaluations run for approximately 1 hour.

Private Instruction

littler-hitter-redPrivate Instruction is one of the most popular baseball development offerings in the industry. “HQ” Baseball Pros will work one-on-one with players to help them grow as individuals in the areas of hitting, pitching, catching, fielding and most importantly in confidence.

“HQ” Baseball Pros are some of the best baseball people around.  Their dedication to development is second to none with the goal to make player improvements with each session.  If you have a player who is in need of private baseball instruction, it is highly recommended (but not required) to come in for a one on one player evaluation first. Player evaluations will take a player through workout covering the major disciplines of the game: hitting, fielding & throwing


Full Club Member HQ Member Non-Member
Evals $75 $75 $75
Single $55 $60 $60
5 Pack $260 $275 $290
10 Pack $500 $525 $550
20 Pack $950 $1000 $1050