Elite Baseball Training Clinic

The Elite Baseball clinic is designed to create a positive and encouraging atmosphere for baseball players who are looking to improve the entirety of their game at their specified position. The goal of the clinic is to maximize each player’s potential to get them ready for the next level. During this clinic we will offer a nutrition class so players can better understand the proper ways to eat and take care of their bodies/health. Each week we will offer one day where we are working on speed and agility to improve the player’s footwork and overall coordination.

Our ultimate goal is to improve players overall development, but we make sure that kids are having fun by providing baseball related drills/skills. We want to create a clinic that give players an idea of what to expect at the highest level.

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Infield/Outfield Emphasis: We all know the term, “defense wins championships” and that is our mentality here at Hit Quarters for every age group. We will provide players with the tools they need to improve their game defensively. From proper footwork and positioning, to throwing mechanics and body control. Defense is an essential part of the game.

Catching Emphasis: Catching is a very important part of the game. Catchers are the eyes of the whole field. They should be the general or leader because they can see everything happen. We will work on leadership skills along with how to block a ball, receive the ball, how to set up in your crouch/maintain balance, along with the importance of quickness with the exchange and release.

Hitting Emphasis: Participants will go through specific drill work in regards to balances/body control, stance, bat path/hand path, hand eye coordination, approach and more. We will mostly highlight lower half drive because that’s where the swing comes from. During this time we will also focus on different scenarios of base running.

Pitching Emphasis: Here is where players will learn the proper throwing mechanics to improve overall efficiency and explosiveness. We will focus on how to condition and warm up your arm in order to prevent injury. Players will also learn proper grips for different pitches and how to pitch from the windup/stretch.

What to bring: Players must bring a glove, bat, helmet, batting gloves, water, snack/lunch each and every day they attend the clinic.

Dates & Locations

Dates are subject to change.
2017 Elite Baseball Sessions
*July 3 – July 7: Hitting
*July 10 – July 14: Hitting, Infield/Outfield
July 17 – July 21
*July 24 – July 28: Hitting, Infield/Outfield
*July 31 – August 4

*9:00am – 12:00pm half day only, no afternoon session. Half day clinics will have an emphasis on the skills listed.


9:00am – 4:00pm

Half-Day AM
9:00am – 12:00pm