Indoor Field Rental Inquiries

Half Field Rentals

half indoor field

Hit Quarters is perfect not only for individual training, but with roughly 14,000 square feet of indoor field to play with it’s the only place for team training during those cold late fall, winter and early spring months. Baseball and softball teams can take full advantage of the full infield that can be adjusted to suit high school, pony, Cal Ripken, and Little League field dimensions. Half Field Rentals can also be used to host lacrosse, field hockey, football, cheer leading, soccer, and other split squad practice sessions.

Full Field Rentals

full indoor field

Utilizing Hit Quarters’ spacious 28,000 square feet of playing surface, teams and organizations can do everything from team practices, scrimmages, live games, gymnastic competitions and even corporate functions. Full indoor field rentals are a perfect way for teams and organizations to get the best out of the facility and themselves. In the past, Hit Quarters has hosted indoor leagues, tournaments and team building functions for area businesses.